(We have 5 Stars and won 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Best of Houzz Award for Customer Satisfaction!)

“We hired Gwen to stage our house for sale. She took two days and mostly used our own furniture and other items, but she made our house look so much better! We had an offer within a week. She was also very easy to work with and friendly. I was a little worried that a professional stager would be judgmental about our very lived in house, but she was very kind and helpful.”  -Homeowner
“The Nest Design staged my house for sale and the results were wonderful. Company owner and designer Gwen Snyder Siegel created spaces in which you want to live. By culling pieces and arranging others, she gave the house and inviting warmth, adding accents by exacting placements of a platter or a book. She transformed every room in my house. Whether Planning a home makeover or a staging, I completely trust her design skills.”  -Homeowner

“Nest Design staged the small house I have for sale. The result was charming, uncluttered, and airy bringing out the best of the space. The staging was carried out efficiently and quickly.
Nest Design, recommended by my realtor, is professional, talented and very pleasant to work with.”  -Homeowner
“Hiring Gwen and The Nest Design was the best decision I made in the process of selling my home. Her and her team came in and removed all the old furniture from the house and filled it with amazing, stylish, new pieces that make the house feel like a million bucks. No detail was spared, from the charming decorations throughout to wall art that perfectly accents the furniture, it’s all tied together so perfectly. Gwen is an amazing business owner and I can’t recommend this service enough. The house has never come close to looking so good ever before.”   -Homeowner
“Our video production house has entrusted Gwen from The Nest Design with all our set staging designs. We have been very pleased with her eye for color and detail.  Our sets look great and our customers are very satisfied.  I recommend her without reservation for all of your “Staging” needs.”  -Videographer

“Gwen and her team were amazing. Professional and courteous the whole time. They did exactly what they needed to do in the time allocated. It was worth every penny. Thanks for helping me sell my house sooo quickly. I mean soooooo quickly.”  -Homeowner

“I am a local builder & property flipper in my area. I have had the pleasure of working with Gwen @ Nest Design on my last few projects & I have to admit she has been become an intergalactic part of our home selling success.  She has amazing style & a great eye for detail. We received many compliments on the staging when people were shopping the house.  She also is lovely to work with and has such a great personality.”  -Real Estate Developer

“Gwen was amazing and so helpful in several jobs I hired her to do. I am a real estate agent and I hired her to stage several of my listings. Because of Gwen’s expertise these properties sold very quickly. She also helped me with my own home and made my house the dream home I had always hoped for. I would highly recommend Gwen for all decorating or staging jobs. She is not only professional and extremely detail oriented but she is a pleasure to work with as well.”  -Real Estate Agent/Homeowner

“I am so glad I called The Nest Design. I was at a loss what to do with the lower level of my home that I was about to put up for sale. The Nest Design came in and within 1 hour transformed the space along with the other areas of my home that were of question. I was given a list of items to purchase, which I did. After listing it, I received a full price offer as a result and all who came to look commented on how lovely the house looked. I would recommend The Nest Design anytime!”  -Real Estate Broker/Owner

“The Nest helped me stage my home to list it for sale. We received lots of inspired staging tips, including how to utilize our existing furnishings in the design which saved us the trouble and expense of removing and replacing things in the home. The end result was fantastic and received praise from realtors and prospective buyers, and the process was painless. Would definitely recommend The Nest and use the service again!”  -Homeowner

“Gwen is a pure genius with creating spaces that make my job as a realtor 10 times easier selling a listing. She has come multiple times to our rescue and transformed pedestrian to down right disastrous properties allowing us to be able to sell the properties in a much faster time period than we would otherwise. She has also taken very high end beautiful properties and significantly enhanced their values. I would recommend her to all realtors staging a home and other people looking to declutter or just make their homes more beautiful. Her fees are very reasonable too.”  -Real Estate Broker
“Gwen is nothing short of amazing!!! She came into a vacant house that was having trouble selling, staged it perfectly, and we received an over asking offer in two days!!! Every agent and buyer that went through the house, complimented the staging! She is patient, extremely talented, and a pleasure to work with!!!!”  -Real Estate Agent
“Gwen is a pure genius with creating spaces that make my job as a realtor 10 times easier selling a listing. She has come multiple times to our rescue and transformed pedestrian to down right disastrous properties allowing us to be able to sell the properties in a much faster time period than we would otherwise. She has also taken very high end beautiful properties and significantly enhanced their values. I would recommend her to all realtors staging a home and other people looking to declutter or just make their homes more beautiful. Her fees are very reasonable too.”  -Real Estate Broker
“Before Gwen, 17 showings with no offers. After Gwen, 3 showings with 3 offers, one accepted. We are delighted with her service! She is a pleasure to work with!”  -Homeowner

“Gwen worked hard to showcase my house, and the result was very good. The before and after difference was remarkable.”  -Homeowner

“Gwen did a great job helping to stage our home. My mother, who had eclectic taste, left the home with lots of randomly painted rooms and scraps of furniture. Gwen chose a whole new color scheme, worked with painters and then brought in furniture to stage the home. It looks like a whole new house and we are very very pleased.”  -Homeowner
 “I always wished I had the vision and expertise to make my home look like the way the homes look on HGTV after a remodel, but I just don’t have the knack. Lucky for me, when I went to list my home, I found The Nest Design and Gwen transformed my house — in one day — in ways that are both marvelous and charming, using only the furnishings I already had. Amazing job! Now I don’t want to sell it!”  -Homeowner
“As soon as Gwen walked into our newly renovated home, you could tell her creative wheels were turning. After discussing who our target buyers were and the look/feel we were hoping for, the final result blew away our expectations. Gwen has impeccable taste and vision. Her furniture and accessory choices were perfect for the space. And she was wonderful to work with. We absolutely will be using The Nest Design again on future flips.”  -Real Estate Developer

“Nest Design and its’ creator, Gwen Siegal have an incredible “touch” and creative design vision when it comes to making a home feel like a truly special place. Gwen has helped me several times recently. In one case she staged an empty Estate property and brought the important & extensive living spaces alive once again. Gwen first observes and is then able to create a beautiful feeling of “home” with her expertise & skill. In another situation, the Nest experience was commissioned to assist in helping to organize & fine tune an existing special & tastefully furnished home. It simply needed her expert vision to fine tune and enhance the interior spaces. Nest is an important asset to any home owner whether preparing a home for market or, wishing help with making that owners home even more special,” -Real Estate Broker


“Gwen, of nest Design, is very special! I’ve been listing and selling real estate for 19 years and only recently discovered how helpful it can be to employ someone with the skills Gwen has at her fingertips. She can organize the furnishings in a house, start from nothing & bring in EVERYTHING or work with home-owner’s own belongings ( not so easy!) and create a lovely & “show ready” atmosphere which is certain to get more positive reactions from potential buyers. After all, that’s the goal….to sell the property and it takes a team to accomplish this task. I am thrilled that I have Gwen on my team and will RUN to her for help from this point on….”  -Real Estate Broker


“Gwen did a spectacular job staging one of my flipped houses. It was a unique house, a Mid-Century Modern, so it was critical that it be staged right; enough period-correct pieces to support the architecture of the house, while mixing in more transitional pieces so that the house would appeal to a broader audience. She has a deep rental inventory and a great artistic eye. She totally nailed the stage and was really easy to work with (and with fairly short notice).”  -Real Estate Developer


I was able to get multiple offers for the house within a week of its listing and accepted a cash offer well above asking price. I’m know Gwen’s deft staging contributed to that success.

“Gwen performs magic!!! I have worked with Gwen on two house staging projects and she always hits it out of the park! Both homes sold quickly, actually one sold first day on the market! Gwen works with your budget, listens carefully to your needs, and then with incredible ease and skill she transforms your space! She is our talented lucky charm! Thank you, Gwen” -Homewoner

“Beautifully staged. Gwen was always on time, did the job in a very fast manner and extremely professional. House looks beautiful, just right. Furniture is fitting for the house. Love it, so does the owner. Thank you”  -Real Estate Broker

“I’m a realtor, and I’ve seen The Nest’s work before. I was happy to recommend this company to my clients for their mountaintop mid-century, which wasn’t showing well empty.  The furniture is carefully picked, the color scheme works well, and the feedback from buyers and other agents is all uniformly positive.  Gwen is a “no handholding needed” professional. I told her what we needed, she did it within the budget she was given, and she neither asked for nor needed anything else.  Would i use her again? In a heartbeat.”  -Real Estate Broker

“Gwen was quick to respond, quick with a proposal, did what she promised and much more in the time frame we needed, highly recommend her services!”  -Real Estate Broker

“Gwen is enthusiastic, enterprising and creative. It was a pleasure to work with her and her design eye is eclectic, inspiring and fun. She placed my works of art in such a way as to highlight the qualities of the property she was staging while celebrating each piece in its own right. I look forward to working with her again.”             -Visual Artist

“Gwen was extremely pleasant to work with, efficient, had fantastic design ideas for staging our empty house for sale and delivered a beautiful finished product in under two weeks! The entire process was very simple and we are looking forward to using her services again soon!”-Homeowner/Real Estate Developer

“We hired Gwen to stage our empty house. From start to finish I can’t say enough good things about her. She was very responsive and met me for an initial assessment the day I called. She quickly put together a well thought out plan and submitted a list of needed items. I really did not have much that I thought was usable, but amazingly she took my very questionable items and used them to stage about 50% of the house. It looks great and I don’t even recognize it as my “junk”. Throughout the process when potential problems would crop up, Gwen would find the positive and come up with a solution. She was not daunted by anything. She found and arranged delivery and set up of all furniture and props and even came in under her already low monthly estimate of furniture rental cost. Her eye for design is impressive and the finished product looks great!”  -Homeowner

“The spec house that I recently completed needed staging for the real estate company’s magazine and for potential buyers. The staging needed to happen fast so that it would meet the time frame required by the publisher. I found The Nest Design via Houzz.com, called them up, and met them within a couple of days. I admit to being a little concerned that the furniture might not meet my standards, but I felt confident that they would make every effort and complete the project within the limited time frame. The Nest Design brought in a great selection of furniture and accessories that looked fantastic. The choices were spot on and the photographer loved the look. The demeanor of principal is excellent–an intelligent person capable of listening and leading her team, effortlessly coordinating with stores and movers to give more than I had hoped for in a very short time. I look forward to working with this company again.”  -Homeowner/Architect/Contractor

“Gwen transformed my home in less than a week.  After her staging, inquiries increased threefold.  Brokers who saw the house, before and after staging, all said it was a huge improvement and would doubtlessly improve my chances of selling my house.  I would strongly recommend Gwen’s services if you are serious about selling your house.  She was a pleasure to work with and a real professional.”  -Homeowner

“I am so pleased with Gwen’s excellent and professional home staging and design that she realized to sell my house . Gwen has done a work of art here in my home.  Her planning for the investment and time frame to accomplish this huge project was made efficiently and within the limits of my time and budget. I am so thankful because the results are so beautiful and it is a big “WOW”.  I am feeling so comfortable in my home now that I will have a problem in letting it go. I really think that this investment was hundred percent worth the effort. Thanks again to Gwen and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I  wish her all the success.”  -Homeowner

“Gwen’s work is truly splendid!  She accomplished what she set out to do by shifting the visual focus from the front of the house to the back, towards the mountain and stream views.  I think it’s particularly interesting how Gwen did this in subtle ways…very “artistic”.  I’ll never forget her display of creativity when she suggested using the “piece” in the cellar (the cabinet I was using for tools)  for the living room, and I didn’t even know what she was referring to!  I’m sure Gwen’s efforts can only help in achieving the ultimate goal of selling my home.”   -Homeowner

“I have always considered myself a compulsively organized person, but as a decade went by my “computer room”, the room where all my personal art endeavors streamed from into the world, eventually became a “cage” for my activities. What had originally looked like an efficient space became over time a painfully difficult and unpleasant one. Gwen Snyder Siegal’s talents were recommended to me and I jumped on board as if my life, or at least sanity, were at stake. Within two days we tossed out the past and opened the room to a totally useful and particularly pleasant space, not only one to in which to work and create, but to just simply hang out. The best comment I received was from my partner who asked if it would be ok if she came in occasionally to read, because the space was so pleasant for her. I am a happy man thanks to Gwen’s vision and energy.”  -Homeowner/Gallery Owner

“I highly recommend Gwen as a staging professional with solid educational credentials and an incredible eye for what works best in a space. I have been amazed at how quickly she comes up with a plan and then makes that happen.”  -Real Estate Agent

“The Nest Design staged one of my listings. Every room needed attention! Gwen methodically created “a work of art,” and now upon entering buyers were able to see the gorgeous architectural detailing of the home. Her photos on our website produced immediate results from interested buyers. She gets the job done in a minimum of time, working harmoniously with the Seller! The homeowner was overwhelmed with the beauty that was brought out in their home! I highly recommend The Nest Design — for big jobs and small!”  -Real Estate Broker

“It was a pleasure working with Gwen on a recent staging project. She was very focused, professional and used her time so efficiently which resulted in a beautifully executed project. I look forward to working with Gwen again, and would highly recommend her.”  -Furniture & Accessory Retailer/Designer