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Location: Tivoli, NY

It is even more critical to stage a vacant home than a furnished one. Our goal in this home was to add enough home furnishings in order to give the space a warm, open and comfortable feel that gives buyers a frame of reference and fuels their imagination. How big is the room? Without furniture it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room. When the buyer does not have answers to their questions-they walk away.
What is this room for? Many times a buyer can’t even tell if it’s the living room or dining room in an unfurnished home. Don’t keep them guessing, because it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase. Nine out of every ten people walking in your home have no imagination of the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer them. They just can’t picture it. Don’t let a simple thing like no furniture or limited furniture ruin your sale. Don’t take those odds; they will hurt you in the price significantly!